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The Agency will offer personal assistance services (PAS) and coordination of care. This agency does not provide services that require a Registered Nurse, Licensed Nurse, or the delegating authority of a Registered Nurse.

The agency will offer personal care services, also referred to as personal assistance services (PAS), through a sole or separate department of the HCSSA (Agency) licensed by the state of Texas. The agency will have the PAS Section designated on the license if it intends to function as a separate entity within a Licensed or Licensed and Certified HH agency also providing skilled services.


Personal Assistance Services (PAS) encompass the ongoing care or support necessary for individuals in a residential or independent living setting to partake in daily activities and maintain the physical abilities essential for autonomous living. This includes respite services. PAS entails:

  1. Personal care,
  2. Health-related services conducted within the parameters specified as not constituting professional nursing practice by the Texas Board of Nursing, as per a memorandum of understanding with HHSC, as outlined in Health and Safety Code, §142.016.

Personal care pertains to delivering one or more of the following services that individuals require in their residential or independent living environment:

  1. bathing;
  2. dressing;
  3. grooming;
  4. feeding;
  5. exercising;
  6. toileting;
  7. positioning;
  8. assisting with self-administered medications;
  9. routine hair and skin care; and
  10. transfer or ambulation.

The client or client’s legally authorized representative will be notified by the agency supervisor If determined that the agency is unable to meet all of the client’s needs so that the client may be referred to another agency. The supervisor will also communicate with other team members to determine if the client should receive services from other departments within the organization, and the administrator or designee will ensure the client has access to any needed and ordered services.

Services that cannot be met by this agency will be referred to another agency. The client/caregiver will be made aware of the referral, and the reasons, as well as the referral itself, will be documented on a communication note and filed in the client’s chart. The Client/ caregiver will be given a choice of the preferred service provider when applicable.

Unmet services will be communicated to the governing body monthly by the Administrator.